We accompany our clients in their real estate search, taking into account every criteria and all relevant research factors - the location of the property, the budget, the specific needs (public transport, location of schools etc) so finding your new commercial property, investment project or home is a true success.

We provide a service of the highest quality, accompanying you at all stages of your project, from the analysis of major issues to the implementation of a rigorous methodology (specifications, identification and analysis of solutions, negotiation and contracting).

We provide our clients with a tailor-made service by a dedicated project coordinator backed by a multidisciplinary team

The strength of our team and reputation is based on our experienced multilingual colleagues who accompany you at every step of your residential or commmercial property search.


Related services

Letting or Renting

Find an office

We help our clients with their office search, to identify the most suitable solution, both from a financial and functional perspective, to ensure the successfu occupation of a new site.

Buying or selling

Buying a residential property

Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced property investor, purchasing a property is a significant undertaking and commitment. Savills supports you during the buying process, providing you with the best posisble experience when buying your home.

Buying or selling

Selling a residential property

When selling your property there are a multitude of important steps including the correct and careful valuation. A key part of our role is to understand your goal correctly and guide you through the transaction process. We work with you to maximise the value of your property by the preparation of paperwork, advising on presentation, marketing your property by the most relevant means, liaising with relevant parties and negotiating the sale.