Whether buying or selling, residential property transactions are the most significant any of us ever undertake. We advise international clients across all markets, therefore the advice and services we offer are designed and provided with this in mind.

Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced property investor, Savills supports you during the buying process – from finding the right property to your negotiation and finally through to exchange and completion – providing you with the best possible experience when buying your home.

We aim to provide you with the best advice, and our experts in their respective areas and the local teams share your passion for the locations and lifestyles available.

With competence and assurance, you are guided through the French purchase process in a straightforward and transparent manner. This includes assistance with the identification of suitable areas and appropriate property, negotiation of price and terms, financing, appraisal and coordination of all steps from preliminary purchase contract to the final deed.

In comparison to other international transactions, a notary, lawyer and real estate agent all complete different roles. Therefore, the French transactions procedure may appear complicated. This is why one of our tasks has proven to be the demystification, coordination and facilitation of all matters pertaining to the purchase of real estate.

We provide informed, bespoke advice to those letting property on all aspects of the commercial transaction, starting with preparing and presenting the property. Our international teams then guide the entire process, coordinating marketing, targeting occupiers, conducting viewings and handling negotiations.  

Backed by award winning research and a wealth of local knowledge, the extensive coverage of the trusted Savills network ensures we have access to a truly diverse range of properties and clients including exclusive properties and a wealth of private contacts. Part of the trusted brand of Savills is the expert knowledge available via trusted partners, relating to taxation and legal issues, planning and valuations, combining to help you optimise the outcome of your property transaction.   

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Letting or renting

Seasonal rentals

What better way to experience a location and lifestyle than by having the chance to live as a local. In line with an increasing trend for authentic experiences and flexible alternatives to hotel style accommodation, the seasonal rentals market is ever expanding.

Letting or renting

Finding a property

We search for property on your behalf, according to your specified criteria, saving you both time and money. We use our expert property market knowledge, our network of contacts and our negotiation skills to ensure that our clients find the very best properties at optimal terms.

Buying or selling

Selling a residential property

When selling your property there are a multitude of important steps including the correct and careful valuation. A key part of our role is to understand your goal correctly and guide you through the transaction process.