BNP – Blanc Mesnil

Commercial marketing of an 8,000m² industrial building situated in the village of Blanc Mesnil.

The Brief:

Savills was contracted by SCPI (Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) branch of BNP Real Estate with a sales project that comprised several different elements including: valuation, commercial presentation, operational marketing (billboards, mail advertising, prospecting), contacting and visiting prospects and assistance during the negotiation and sales process.


The Client:

BNP - Blanc Mesnil


Our Solution:

Contact with the client was managed by a business associate and all team members were involved in the commercial process which led to a buyer being found. A user was the eventual buyer of the property. The negotiations were essentially financial in nature, with Savills also helping to rally political support for the project by defending the user's business activities.


How we added value:

Our unrivalled market knowledge as well as our successful efforts to overcome the technical and legal constraints surrounding this project allowed the task to be completed in several months and under very favourable conditions for BNP who had been attempting to dispose of the asset for several years.


Key contacts