Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco Grand Prix - The fast and furious

Preparations are underway for the 74th Monaco Grand Prix which runs from the 26th to the 29th of May 2016. Widely considered to be one of the most important and prestigious races in the world, the Monaco Grand Prix attracts visitors from all over the globe, keen to witness the event first-hand, from the stands or from a residential terrace, with a glass of champagne in hand.
This adrenaline-boosting mix of drama, cutting-edge technology and high stakes is unmissable and the whole of the Principality exudes an even more special atmosphere while it plays host to the world’s media, motorsport royalty and countless celebrities. The Monaco Grand Prix really does live up to its description as “an exceptional location of glamour and prestige” as boasted by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile. 
Revered as one of the most demanding tracks in Formula 1, the race is held on the narrow streets of the Principality and is considered an ultimate test in driving due to the tight curves, a tunnel and the associated changes in light plus changes in elevation. The circuit showcases the 5 distinct areas of the Principality and the city, nestled between the mountains and sea, provides a fascinating backdrop. Competitors race through the city streets of Monte Carlo, La Condamine and past the famous harbour which fills with boats and yachts hosting spectators and parties. And if you're looking for the best vantage point look no further than the Ermanno Palace Penthouse, voted by the Grand Prix organisers as providing the ultimate view of the track.


As one of the major tourist attractions for the Principality, the Grand Prix is run under the patronage of Monaco’s royal family all of whom take a close interest in the event. Monaco has produced 3 native Formula 1 drivers: Louis Chiron, André Testut and Olivier Beretta, source of great pride to the Monégasques, and who all from an early age, must have been enraptured and inspired by the event’s sights, sounds and excitement, and the Principality is home to many other famous names in the motor racing world.
But the draw of Monaco is so much more than its sporting offerings. Covering a mere two square kilometres, the Principality of Monaco may be the world's second smallest country, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in attitude. As an independent sovereign state, the Principality legislates on virtually all matters including direct taxation. Location, ease of transport, excellent international schools and healthcare combined with world class facilities and an unsurpassed business environment ensures the country is an ideal location for many.
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